Saturday, July 9, 2011

T-Rex Volcano Cake *RAWR!*

Dinosaur says, "RAWR!!"

Made this T-Rex Volcano cake for a little boy turning 30 today! :-)
This is the first time I tried making a huge 3-D figure, and WOW what a learning curve! Holy Prehistoric Lizard, Batman!!!!!!

I think he turned out pretty darn cute, though....

The cake is a 14-inch round of Wilton white wedding cake and the icing on the cake was a new recipe of chocolate.... I've been searching for a new one, one that tastes better than the Wilton chocolate buttercream or the Hershey recipe on the back of the cocoa can. This one I found on All Recipes, and it is a cooked icing -- melting butter, brown sugar, and all the other goodies together before adding the powdered sugar. Left thick, it's a ganache, or thin it out and it's pourable but quickly hardens. It's basically fudge and I will be using this one more!!

The icing on the volcano is the Wilton buttercream chocolate, which is not my favorite for taste, which is why I used it on the Rice Krispie Treat volcano. After it dried a bit, I smoothed it with the back of the spoon and a Viva paper towel. *HOOT!*

Mr. T-Rex was also made from RKT. In several pieces. And then sort of stuck together with bamboo skewers and a lot of cussing.


But this gives you an idea of scale -- he was big. I was fighting gravity trying to get his parts made and then put together. Oh my gosh. I was stressin' last night and up until 3 a.m. because there wasn't a good stopping point until then. This morning I finished the grass, painted his eye, made the rocks, and patched a hole on his thigh. Oh, and made his arms.

He's a cutie!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Spring Flower Garden Cake with Butterflies

I was cruising through my blogs this weekend and realized I hadn't added Emily Rose's birthday cake to my cake blog! OMG
But now that is fixed....

Here it is, ready for the party -- she wanted a "Spring Flower Garden Cake with Butterflies" and that is what she got:

I made the rainbow in advance so it would have time to dry and harden... then I made the butterflies.
The flowers came next...and then they were dusted with shimmery powder (that you can eat, don't worry!) to create a garden fairies would love to visit:

The finished cake:
She loved it!
I can't believe my little baby is 8. *mommy sad face*

Friday, February 18, 2011

Doggone Dog Bone Cake!!!

Even stuffed animals need parties, so I didn't even blink when my friend Shannon asked me to make a cake in the shape of a dog bone for her son Brady's puppy...toy puppy, that is.

I baked three rectangles in my bread pans... and cut four huge circles out of two of the rectangles for the ends. I cut wedges out of the circles so the piece would fit together, and then those wedges were sliced in half and arranged on top of the ends with a layer of buttercream between. This let me build up the ends of the bone nice and round with icing:

It was at this point I realized how incredibly easy it would be to make a booby cake. LOL
Next came marshmallow fondant on top so it would be nice and smooth:

I added puppy prints and some writing with icing I had thinned WAY too much. (It was running out of the tip! GAH!) And since the blue icing was way too thin, I just used white around the bottom. Pretty!

Bow wow!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Little Pony Carousel Cake

Our daughter Mary Pearl turned 6 and what did she want? A My Little Pony Carousel cake, of course! She LOVES carousels, and she LOVES My Little Ponies...and so there you go.
The bottom is three layers of chocolate fudge cake, with ganache filling, and then decorated with marshmallow fondant. The top was constructed of Rice Krispie Treats then covered in ganache and marshmallow fondant decorations.

Mary Pearl's favorite ponies got to ride on top after a quick trip to the horsey mane stylist, of course. I built it on my turntable so everyone could make the carousel twirl, but I should have thought of a way to add music. LOL