Saturday, July 9, 2011

T-Rex Volcano Cake *RAWR!*

Dinosaur says, "RAWR!!"

Made this T-Rex Volcano cake for a little boy turning 30 today! :-)
This is the first time I tried making a huge 3-D figure, and WOW what a learning curve! Holy Prehistoric Lizard, Batman!!!!!!

I think he turned out pretty darn cute, though....

The cake is a 14-inch round of Wilton white wedding cake and the icing on the cake was a new recipe of chocolate.... I've been searching for a new one, one that tastes better than the Wilton chocolate buttercream or the Hershey recipe on the back of the cocoa can. This one I found on All Recipes, and it is a cooked icing -- melting butter, brown sugar, and all the other goodies together before adding the powdered sugar. Left thick, it's a ganache, or thin it out and it's pourable but quickly hardens. It's basically fudge and I will be using this one more!!

The icing on the volcano is the Wilton buttercream chocolate, which is not my favorite for taste, which is why I used it on the Rice Krispie Treat volcano. After it dried a bit, I smoothed it with the back of the spoon and a Viva paper towel. *HOOT!*

Mr. T-Rex was also made from RKT. In several pieces. And then sort of stuck together with bamboo skewers and a lot of cussing.


But this gives you an idea of scale -- he was big. I was fighting gravity trying to get his parts made and then put together. Oh my gosh. I was stressin' last night and up until 3 a.m. because there wasn't a good stopping point until then. This morning I finished the grass, painted his eye, made the rocks, and patched a hole on his thigh. Oh, and made his arms.

He's a cutie!!!


  1. Oh my my....he was the HIT of the party!!!! The cake was great and the chocolate ganache type frosting was sooooo good. We put his head in the freezer so he can stare me down every time I go for the ice cream. :) Thank you so much. I already have people asking me if you do cakes for um, sorry if you all of the sudden get a lot of FB inquiries. :)

  2. Great!! I am so happy he got there in one piece and was such a hit! WOO!!!

    And you don't need to keep the head in the's just rice krispie treats, a little icing and then fondant on the outside! :-)

  3. What happened to all your's been months. Are you taking a break from cake?

  4. Hey!! We did move in May and I lost my big, beautiful, HUGE kitchen!! :-(

    So it is much harder to do cakes here, and so I have taken the last few months off, waiting for the family parties to start up again -- my son is next at the end of November. He wants a Pokeman cake. And then I will be doing one for school for a fundraiser and that is December 9th. I'm thinking a fall theme would be good for that one... or maybe a sliding-into-winter theme....

    It's so hard to juggle cakes and regular life when you only have one counter! ROFL
    But thank you SO MUCH for your interest, Cat!