Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Emily's adoption day (#6!!) was August 10, and she wanted a heart-shaped, cherry cake with roses. And she got it...

This is me learning a new, larger rose method, which I totally LOVE. No cookie cutters, just forming the fondant as I go. Awesome. And the roses can be as big as you want. SWEET!
The pinks are NOT showing up well in this photo... and I can't figure out why. They did look closer in color than this in real life! I swear!!!
But how cool are these giant roses? So cool...

Our sweet baby...

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Oh my goodness.... the one thing that truly screams, "IT'S SUMMER!!!" are big, giant s'mores!!! So what else could you want for your birthday but a Giant S'Mores Cake if you are my husband who was born on August 3 and just happens to LOVE s'mores???
Here I am shaping the marshmallow... never did this before.... slapped some icing on it and didn't really let it sit like I would have for a client, but it worked out just fine!

See? The kids screamed when I got it put together. They wanted to have some that minute, but they were heading for bed. Boo!

The two graham cracker layers and the chocolate layer are all chocolate cake. The graham cracker layers have light brown buttercream and real crushed graham crackers on them, while the chocolate bar layer has chocolate icing covered with a layer of melted chocolate chips. The marshmallow layer is yellow cake with white buttercream, covered in what else -- marshmallow fondant. :-)
Now here is a July cake for a littel buddy who was turning 7! He loves Diego, and this was James's first birthday in America (he just came home from China in January!) and so I did a Kung Fu Diego!!
But buttercream drives me cuckoo -- it always seems to be wanting to melt on me, and looks so shiny in photos. I need to work with it more, obviously!