Sunday, May 23, 2010


First Raven got married (in January... I did their cake!), and now she has graduated from college... right alongside her older brother Max!
This cake was up to me -- I knew I did NOT want to do a traditional graduation cake. No mortar boards, no diplomas, no cheesy writing. I wanted elegance and something very Russell-like. I was first inspired by the rich colors of their home... browns, jewel tones, golds and caramels, and texture. I tried chocolate marshmallow fondant for this cake, and I really liked not only the taste (***YUM!!!***), but the cocoa powder gave an almost antique-looking finish to the chocolate fondant, which I loved and will use again!
The braid and the sea star shapes are a nod to Seaside, Oregon, where the Russell family is from... a loose nautical theme for being so incredibly close to the ocean. The drapery (marshmallow fondant) was a nod to the graduation robes, and at the party I found out Raven's honors ropes she wore were red and green. *I rule!*
I posted two photos with different lighting, because this cake was extremely hard to get good photos of! Enjoy.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Here is the birthday girl with her Hello Kitty cake!! Happy 7th, Emily Rose!!!

And then here is the proof I have the coolest in-laws in the world....

YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an awesome present!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't wait to use it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My hands will never get blisters again from mixing icing!!!
He is beautiful.
I have named him Graham.
He is my mighty Grahaminator.


Emily Rose is turning 7 -- May 2 is the day (it's just after midnight as I type this, so it's her birthday officially!!).... she wanted "a rainbow cake with Hello Kitty and Chococat holding hands, and flowers."

And so here we go... the icing is ready:

I made pink magic wands out of fondant for the girls. We'll add ribbon to the sticks. Flowers and everything are made from fondant.

A army of flowers:

The cake before:

WOO!!! Sky and grass!!

Adding the rainbow:

Adding the best friends:

A close-up of the kitties:

A side view... really digging the colors here!!


I can't wait for her to see the cake in the morning!!!!