Sunday, May 23, 2010


First Raven got married (in January... I did their cake!), and now she has graduated from college... right alongside her older brother Max!
This cake was up to me -- I knew I did NOT want to do a traditional graduation cake. No mortar boards, no diplomas, no cheesy writing. I wanted elegance and something very Russell-like. I was first inspired by the rich colors of their home... browns, jewel tones, golds and caramels, and texture. I tried chocolate marshmallow fondant for this cake, and I really liked not only the taste (***YUM!!!***), but the cocoa powder gave an almost antique-looking finish to the chocolate fondant, which I loved and will use again!
The braid and the sea star shapes are a nod to Seaside, Oregon, where the Russell family is from... a loose nautical theme for being so incredibly close to the ocean. The drapery (marshmallow fondant) was a nod to the graduation robes, and at the party I found out Raven's honors ropes she wore were red and green. *I rule!*
I posted two photos with different lighting, because this cake was extremely hard to get good photos of! Enjoy.

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