Friday, March 5, 2010


Making the roses - tinted fondant mixed with Gum-Tex. This is my rose-making world: the pan full of rice covered in foil and plastic so I have somewhere to stick the works-in-progress, more cut and ready to transform into roses, and the all-important cookie cutter.

I love making these! Each one is so different!

This is the final cake I made for my Wilton class... the fondant is handmade marshmallow fondant and tastes great!! I love how this turned out, even though I had no plan and just sort of put it together in class. LOL


  1. You've certainly raised the bar for Christina! I might have to call suicide prevention if her cake doesn't turn out at least close to as perfect as yours! Hope she doesn't forget to work.. or feed her kids while she constructs this last assignment. The girl does love a challenge.

  2. Oh my gosh, you are too funny!!
    Seriously -- I did the roses ahead, brought in the two layers of cake already covered in fondant and then stuck it all together in class while talking WAY TOO MUCH... haha
    Thank you!!

  3. Hey! Should I take offense??? I've started on my roses and have two more weeks until I need to bring them in. I'm doing yellow roses instead of pink, and I'm going to cheat and use the kitchenaid pasta roller attachment to get my gumpaste/fondant mix thinner. ;-)