Saturday, February 6, 2010


Also in January I had the fun of doing two cakes for two brothers, Leo and Logan. They wanted superhero cakes, and so here we go!
The filling for the Superman cake:
I thought it would be fun to have Superman colors coming out when the cake was cut. *WOOP*
The fondant is ready to go.

Here is the first layer of Superman's shield:

And the second layer laid in place:

I found his symbol online, printed it out the size I wanted and used it as a stencil. Sweet!
Adding some rockin' Go-Superman Stars:
Adding fun bubbles of color around the bottom:

Everything is in place:

I bummed myself out with this cake only because I forgot to leave room for writing! I was so used to making cakes for my own children, and I never write on their cakes, I forgot to leave enough space for my words! *haha* But it worked out this time... Next time I definitely won't forget! That's the great thing about mistakes. :-)
Logan got a Spider-Man cake:
Now... when you have a leftover 6-inch white cake, and leftover red, yellow and blue fondant, AND leftover icing... what do you get?
A Deflated Soccer Ball Bubble Cake?
A Killer Klowns from Outer Space Cake?
A Melting Rainbow Star Trek Alien Amoeba Cake?

It was seriously good. The kids were stealing the sugar bubbles all day. LOL

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